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We love terrariums, happy hours, and funny virtual backgrounds.

Charles Jacobs

Chief Storyteller

BA, MA, PhD work, University of Michigan

A South American software company called him "Shaman" and insisted he run a workshop in a Nahautl sweat lodge.

Mary Royall Wilgis

The Brand Magician

BA, University of Virginia ‍

Went skydiving with her 80 year old grandmother. Who jumped first?

Ted Fleming

The Mentor

BS, Dartmouth | MBA, Duke

Sang for his supper, and tuition, in two bands while in college.

Bill Bradley

The Algorithm Architect | Co-founder of Mirabolic

BA, Harvard | MA, University of Cambridge | PhD, MIT

After losing his camel in the Sahara, would only ride again on Wednesdays.

Karl R. Knaub

The Data Whisperer | Co-founder of Mirabolic

BA, Swarthmore | PhD & MS, University of Washington

Born and raised in Appalachia, in a small town famous only for its New Year's Pickle Drop.

Paul Sherman

The Grand Inquirer

BA, Harvard | MEd from Boston University

Sang in Red Square with the Harvard Glee club.

James R. Petite Jr.

The Brain Scientist (Really)

BS, MS, & PhD, Georgetown University

Had read two encyclopedias by the time he was ten.

Jeffrey Zhou

The Digital Transformer

BA & MS, University of Chicago

Performed with the Boston Symphony Orchestra (soloing on the traditional Chinese bamboo flute).

Sunny Kutella

The Orchestrator

BS, S. New Hampshire University

Her hidden talent is landscape photography.

John Stroud

The AI Guy

BA, University of Toronto | MPA & LLB, University of Victoria | MPhil, University of Oxford

Competed at the World Debate Championships, doing poorly in the competition, but meeting his now wife.

Jallicia Jolly

Storytelling Director and Coach

BA, Williams College | Ph.D. University of Michigan

A spoken word poet who loves to use storytelling to build connections and enhance organizational impact.

Kat McPherson

Storytelling Producer and Coach

BA, MPP, University of Virginia

Was a divisional race walking champion in high school. No formal training, just NY born and raised.

Debra Gold

The Felicitous Facilitator

BS, Lesley University ‍

Loves to harmonize with her band.

Emily Keeler

Storytelling Director and Coach

MA, University of Michigan / BA, Grand Valley State University ‍

She once stood down a wild boar while hiking alone in the South Korean mountainside.

Nir Diskin

Storytelling Producer and Coach

BS, University of Virginia ‍

Was the lead soloist for the Virginia No-Tones, the premier (and only) a cappella group for the musically challenged.

Devin Wilson

The Space Holder

BA University of Southern California | MA Columbia University

Showed up to her very first storytelling show without the knowledge that it was a scored competition - and proceeded to win.

Jessi Hellman

Storytelling Producer

Northeastern University, Boston, MA

She coached gymnastics for over ten years!


Chief Chewing Officer

His credo is that there is no such thing as an indestructible dog toy.

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