AI Education
and Consulting

Generative AI is the single most disruptive economic and technological event of our lifetimes.

Introduction to AI Talk

This short, 1-on-1 introduction to modern machine learning and AI will acquaint you with the terminology for discussing AI and with recent advances and then provide time to answer your questions about AI and its applications at your company.

Getting Started with AI Mini-Workshop

This introduction to modern machine learning and AI will acquaint your small audience with the terminology for discussing AI, with a survey of recent advances, and with an overview of how an AI project proceeds and how to maximize its likelihood of success.  We will take time to answer your questions and to brainstorm ideas for how your company can make quick progress in this exciting, fast-moving field.

Generating Your AI Opportunities Engagement

This workshop begins with a short introductory discussion about AI and your concerns about it.  We then interview the members of your team that you designate, ascertaining where the best places are for you to apply AI to your critical business problems.  Finally, we provide a formal report-out to you and your team with our findings, so you have a plan for moving forward with AI.

Narrating Your First AI Project to Success Consulting Engagement

This is a full consulting engagement that will move you from your starting point to having sustainable AI at your company.  We begin with an introduction of the subject to you and your designates, and then we interview the team you designate to help pinpoint the project that will both have the most immediate business impact and that will leave you in a place where you  can undertake future, successful AI projects.  We then provide you with a plan, and a gap analysis listing any resources you may need to procure to make the engagement successful. If you are amenable to the plan, our team leads the project from inception to completion, but with the full intention of your team taking over upon our departure.  We will provide training about AI to non-practitioners on your team so they can interface with AI experts to make project successful.  We will also provide oversight of the project itself.  Final deliverables depend upon the project in question, but a typical engagement would end with a business process enabled or improved via AI.

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