Stop Hiding Behind a Blurred Background

May 23, 2023

It’s 2023 – there’s no reason to hide the didgeridoo you inherited from cousin Jay collecting dust in the corner. Show us your potted plants whether they're thriving or in need of some TLC. Let your cat sit in her princess castle and rule over her domain (it's not yours anymore… you bought a $200 cat climber). But most importantly, stop blurring away your personality with a defaulted Zoom background. 

Be honest, we’re curious what’s back there! While we’ve lost chances for human connection in the work from home world, we’ve instead been given the opportunity to invite people into our homes and show them what we’re made of. Every movie poster, overstuffed bookshelf, and tchotchke from a trip abroad can signal to a potential client your interests and values. 

The Arc Innovation team will help you integrate the oldest shared skill, storytelling, with the shiniest new toys (no, not more for you Princess Whiskers!) to most effectively reach your audience. You never know when a shared hobby might lead to a sale, or at the very least some plant-saving advice. Set your stage accordingly, and let the humans do what they do best – connect.