How to Slay your Dragon (and Make a Sale While Riding Off into the Sunset)

May 23, 2023

A roar echoes through the canyon. A dashing hero on horseback charges towards the red scaly beast. The fiery color sends a shiver down his spine, and he garnishes his bow and arrow knowing that only a direct hit through its yellow eye will end its campaign of terror. He aims. He shoots. Silence. Fluttering. And a thud. Phew! The dragon has been slayed with only one arrow wasted. God he’s good. Our hero trots off triumphantly. Smugly, even. How easy it can be when you know where to aim. 

Wouldn’t you like to enter a client meeting knowing how to slay their dragon, and leave your sales pitch with the same sense of pride? Before entering your pitch, assume the role of the hero – no horse needed. Identify what their dragon looks like so you can let them know you possess the knowledge and skills to hit the bullseye. 

In our foolproof story formula the dragon is the obstacle. A good story has a beginning, middle, and end with an obstacle to create drama, keep attention, and signal to your client your expertise once it’s resolved. Some dragons need a hero’s sword to the crest to meet their demise. Others will perish crossing the mile long moat. Whatever their arrow through the left eye might be, it’s up to you to tailor your message to what’s relevant, slay the dragon, and ride off into the sunset with a bounty to present to the kingdom.

What does this fantastical application look like in reality? Join our sales training program and see the magic for yourself. Anyone can be a hero if they wield the right weapon.